The Lontra provocax also known as the patagonian river otter or southern river otter is native to the southern parts of South America, specifically Chile and Argentina. This otter species is one of seven genera in the family Lutrinae which are carnivorous mammals belonging to the mustelide family(Schröpfer and Parzefall. 2007).

The full phylogeny of the southern river otter is shown below:

Domain- Eukarya


Phylum- Chordata

Class- Mammalia

Order- Carnivora

Family- Mustelidae

Subfamily- Lutrinae

Genus- Lontra

Species- Lontra provocax



Domain: Organisms in the domain Eukarya. Eukarya are charactarized by a true nucleus and are often multicellular.

Kingdom: Organisms in the kingdom animalia are identified by their mobility.

Phylum: Organisms in the phylum Chordata are identified by their spinal cord.

Class: Mammals are warm blooded, and in most cases give birth to live young.

Order: Carnivores are non-primary consumsumers: they eat meat.

Family: Mustelidae are charactarized by their long thin bodies, strong front legs for digging and strong musk glands(Schröpfer,Parzefal).

Subfamily: All otter species belong to the subfamily Lutrinae, they are a semiaquatic subfamily of mustelidae family (Koep, Wayne).

Genus: the genus Lontra charactarizes three of the four otter species found in the new world (Schröpfer,Parzefall).

Species: Lontra provocax is called by the common name Southern River Otter or Patagonian River Otter.



Southern River Otter

North American River Otter



Otters are one of the seven groups in the mustelids the other six include Zorilla,  Weasels, farret-badgers, Martens, Old world badgers, and american badgers. Lontra provocax one of two groups of American river otters. Other kinds of otters include the sea otters, giant otters, eurasian otters, and clawless otters.


















Lontra provocax 

   Panthera pardis



Canis latrans

Canus Lupis  








Lontra provocax is a memeber of the carnivora. Carnivores eat other consumers and do not eat vegitation.  Among the carnivora the subcatagory Mustelidae is the group in which Otters or "Lutra" are a part of as well as badgers which are in the group taxidea. The names and pictures are specific animals in each of the genera.



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