A breif history of the southern river otter:


Lontra provocax, it seems that there is quite more to this species than meets the eye. This species formed from two different clades, one clade from Peru and another from the Chilean Haplotypes. Along with these clades there is even more differentiation when the northern and southern parts of South America are divided up showing more lineages and higher genetic variations. Lineage and genetic variation studies have shown that the cause for all this dispersion comes from the long sandy beaches. These beaches now form two different evolutionary features along with other five management units (other closely related species). Vast distances between colonies or species separated by jagged and rocky shorelines have restricted gene flow between otter population.


 Because of human- otter interactions, Lontra provocax has always been a species that has been endangered by human interference. Projections indicate that this species will drop to less than 50% of its current population thirty years from now, or three generations (Encyclopedia of Life 2012). Most drastic changes are happening in main parts of Chile due to different human interactions like intensive fishing activities, habitat and vegetation destruction, canals into rivers, and extensive dredging. Another issue today in certain regions of Chile is poaching. Dens are slaughtered and entire populations are decimated for their fur. There has been very little done to start protecting this species of otter and now it has been on the endangered list for thirteen years. The International Union for Conservation of Nature redlist has been devising plans to start taking better care of our otter friend.


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