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Feel free to contact the creators of this site with any questions or additional information you may have. Each creator is listed below with their contact information available.
Mikayla Beuch:
Hi my name is Mikayla and I was one of the creators of this webpage on the Chromodoris reticulata. I am a student athlete at UWL, and when I do have spare time I like to enjoy it with friends or binge-watching Netflix. I am a biology major, and I hope to find a career someday in the medical field. You can contact me via email:

In charge of pages:
-Classification page
-Home page
-Contact page
-Habitat and geography page
-Part of the reproduction page

Mackensie Bruring:
Hello, my name is Mackensie and I was also a creator for this website for C. reticulata.  I am a biomedical major at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse.   I love everything about the outdoors and you can always find me hiking on the bluffs or boating on the Mississppi river.  I hope to continue my education in the medical and science professions.  Feel free to contact me about any of our research on this organism by my email:

In charge of pages:
-Form and Function
-Part of the reproduction page
-Interactions with other species
-Part of references page

We created this website for the purpose of educating ourselves and others. It was created as a learning tool for our Organismal Biology class in the spring semester of 2014 held at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Our lecture and lab instructor is Professor Gerrish.

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