Who doesn't love ice cream?

Welcome to our website! We are so excited to tell you more about California oatgrass and how unique it is compared to similar organisms you may see. For instance, California oatgrass is sometimes referred to as the "ice cream" plant because of its appealing taste to livestock! Learn about a few more pretty cool characteristics on our Facts page.
Photo of California oatgrass with permission
California oatgrass is scientifically known as Danthonia californica and is mainly found around the Pacific Coast. This regions habitat is partically important in the survival of this organism for many reasons which will be discussed within the next few topics of our website. We will also show you its home on the phylogenetic tree, the benefits it gives to other organisms, how it reproduces, and some neat interactions.

The Angelo Coast Range Reserve is currently being used to study California oatgrass, along with many other organisms. Check it out here!

To learn more about Danthonia californica and its many features, please follow us to the Classification page!

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