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The Organismal Biology classes (BIO 203) at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse are constructing websites this Spring 2014 semester that give information about an organism that was chosen by each group. This is a great learning tool for students to understand the importance of research while relating that information to others. We specifically wanted to emphasize the organism Danthonia californica to show its uniqueness and interesting facts. For more details and to see other student webpages, please visit Below you will find more information about each of the students who studied this organsim along with their instructor(s) for the semester. 



Taylor Bailey
I constructed the pages Interactions and Fun Facts.
I am a freshman at UW-L, my home town is De Pere Wisconsin. I am a declaredTaylor Bailey Microbiology student and hope to someday work in a lab researching viruses or creating new antibiotics for bacterial infections. I chose to come to UW-L because it has awesome bluffs and I love to explore, I have two younger sisters, a mom and a dad. Bio 203 has been a difficult course, but it's also been a real eye opener for the way I percieve things. For example, I visited Disney's Animal Kingdom over spring break and I couldn't resist talking about all the knowledge I had learned about animals and their taxonomy and anatomy. I think it's safe to say that every trip I take to the zoo will forever be changed thanks to organismal biology.


Lauren Alexander
Lauren Alexander Contact PhotoI am currently a freshman at UW-L, recently declaring a major in Biology although unsure of a possible minor, and am planning on becoming a physicians assistant. So far I love attending UW-L, not only because of the unlimited resources for academics that the professors and library offer, but the scenery is incredible. I take advantage of how close UW-L is to the bluffs and Mississippi river, making time to hike or go for runs around them. My hometown in Madison, Wisconsin also had lakes and natural paths for UW students and residents of the city to be active on. I have two sisters, an older and a younger that both live in Madison and try to visit them along with the rest of my family as much as I can! Organismal biology is one of the harder classes I have taken although I have learned an extensive amount of material about numerous organisms and environments, especially through this website project. For this website I created the pages Classification and Habitat.


Ashlee Bryhn
Photo of Ashlee Bryhn with permissionI am currently a senior at UW-L and will be graduating in the Spring of 2016. I will be majoring in Nuclear Medicine Technology with a minor in Biology and am from the small town of Trempealeau, WI. I chose to attend UW-L because of this areas wide variety of activities and comforting atmosphere. Canoeing, hiking, sports, and photography are things I love to do in my free time, especially in a city like this one. I am very family-oriented, so I am thankful most of my family lives in and around La Crosse. It gives me the chance to spend as much time as I can with them before beginning my professional career. This Organismal Biology class has taught me so much about the various life around us, and has opened my eyes to what else is out there. I designed the pages Adaptation and Reproduction for this website.


The Contact page, References page, and Home page were all completed as a group!


Gregory Sandland
Gregory Sandland Photo with permission

Associate Professor in Biology
Visit Sandland Homepage to see more of his work.
Office: 2032 Cowley Hall

Meredith Thomsen

Photo of Meredith Thomsen with permissionAssociate Professor in Biology
Visit Thomsen Homepage to see more of her work.
Office: 3026 Cowley Hall

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