Vespa mandarinia - BIO203



Domain-Animalia- Composed of the organisms known as animals.

Kingdom-Arthropoda- Bilaterally symmetrical, jointed appendages, go through ecdysis-molting-and have an exoskeleton made of chitin.

Phylum-Insecta- Three pairs of legs; body made of a head, thorax, and abdomen; one pair of antennae

Order-Hymenoptera - Have two pairs of functional wings.

Family-Vespidae - Medium to large wasps, construct spherical nests, show varying amounts of sociability

Genus-Vespa - Large vertex and anteriorly rounded gasters.

Species-Vespa mandarinia- Asian giant hornet.


The Asian giant hornet is a member of the Vespa family, a family first separated from the other 3 Vespidae families by the fact that its head is a slightly different shape, with additional evidence later found to support the split. Vespa are mainly found in Asia, though some are found in different places across the globe.  Vespa crabo can be found in Europe as well as Asia and Vespa orientalis are found in the Mediterranean and North Africa (Perrard and Pickett et al. 2013). V.mandarinia can be found below at point 2, with numbers indicating recent changes to older Vespa phylogenetic trees (Perrard and Pickett, et al. 2013).