Vespa mandarinia - BIO203

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Colin McAllister
My name is Colin McAllister. I am enrolled at the University Of Wisconsin Lacrosse, and I am currently aiming for a career in microbiology. This website was done for Organismal Biology 203, and we have Barret Klein to thank for providing us with the opportunity to learn more about this winged powerhouse. I am also responsible for the Adaptation and Reproduction pages and  have more than a passing interest in insects and microbes, and I enjoy George R.R. Martins epic Game of Thrones. Should you have any concerns, or feel that anything on our site needs updating in terms of information or in terms of copyright let my partner or I know immediately. You can contact me at or if the prior link is no longer in service. Thanks for checking out the site, hopefully it enlightened you on this fascinating creature!

Jacob Damro

My name is Jake Damro, and I am currently a sophomore enrolled at the UW-La Crossse.
I am also in Organismal Biology with the instructor Barrett Klein.  At this time, I am majoring in
Exercise and Sports Science with a minor in Biology.  My goal is to go to graduate school and become a Physical Therapist specializing in pediatrics.  I am still deciding if I would like to minor in Nutrition rather than Biology because it was always something that interested me.  For this site, I worked on the Interactions With Other Species and Habitat Pages.  You can contact me at                                                                                                                

Hobbies While I’m not studying for my classes, I am either at the REC Center playing basketball or participating in some intramural sports.  This past year alone I’ve played intramural basketball, trench ball, tennis, and volleyball.  I’ve actually met a ton of new people by participating in these different sports.  One of my favorite things to do when the weather is nice is to play sand volleyball.  I cannot remember a summer when I never played it.


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