The Hidden Predator

Welcome to our website on the Peacock Flounder! This website is intended to inform readers about Bothus lunatus, commonly known as the Peacock Flounder. Throughout this website, you can find out many facts about this fascinating fish. Information provided in this website falls under several categories, including habitat and geography, form and function, life history and reproduction, and interactions with other species.

Described as Bothus lunatus in 1758, the Peacock Flounder is a marine flatfish found in many tropical and sub-tropical locations. One unique characteristic of this fish is its ability to camouflage with the sandy bottom of the ocean. You can find out more about this adaptation on our form and function page. Additionally, it is able to withstand the powerful neurotoxins of the puffer fish. More information on this special characteristic can be found on the interactions page. It's unique body form and ability to camouflage make it a difficult meal to catch and a prevalent predator of small crustaceans and other small fish.

Can you even see B. lunatus in the below photographs? This organism is definitely a master of disguise!

 Peacock flounder camouflaging to multi-colored pebbles, from creative commons, photo by Jean-Loup CastaignePeacock Flounder buried in the sand, from creative commons, photo by Ken Clifton

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