Royal Penguins in the Tide



Domain:  Eukarya  Two Royal Penguins

Kingdom:  Animalia

Phylum:  Chordata

Class:  Aves

Order:  Sphenisciformes

Family:  Spheniscidae

Genus:  Eudyptes

Species:  schlegeli




The Royal Penguins belong to the domain of Eukarya meaning that their cells contain a true nucleus.  They are also a member of Kingdom Animalia, members of this kingdom are all heterotrophs as well as multicellular.  The phylum that this species is a part of is the phylum Chordata, chordates are characterized by their notochord.   Aves is the class that contains the Royal Penguins because of their vertebra as well as their feathers.  Penguins are all a part of the order of Sphenisciformes as well as the family of Spheniscidae.  The Genus Eudyptes, meaning crested penguin, are a group of penguins that enjoy rocking terrain such as the mountains on Macquarie Island.  The species name schlegeli was derived from the disoverer, and it pertains to the golden color of the penguins "hair" feathers atop its head (Animal Diversity Web. 2012.) 

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