Interesting Facts

  • Tend to prefer living in higher altitudes where the wind has been known to blow off the snow ontop of food
  • They leave scent marks too! But instead of peeing on trees like dogs, the musk ox rub a gland near their eye to objects
  • In summer they have moist fecal matter and in winter they have dry fecal matter due to the changing of available food
  • Captivity and wild musk ox both average a lifespan of 14 yearsHerd of Muskoxen
  • Learn the roles of the herd by playing games such as kind of the mountain or mock headbutting
  • Instead of sending calves to live out on their own,the herds take them in as one of their own
  • Stick together during an attack and circle up to protect young
  • Calves gain an average of 0.5kg a day!!
  • Calves have been known to hide under their moms skirt for warmth in the harsh climate
  • Musk oxen can die due to excessive wear on teeth causing them to not be able to eat.

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