HabMusk Ox Habitat in the Northern Regionsitat

The Ovibos moschatus first lived in earth like and frigid places like Canada, Greenland, and Alaska (Elder 2005). This habitat is found in the northern frozen tundra or the arctic tundra where there are limited amounts of growing seasons and long winters (Coady 1984). The Ovibos moschatus tend to stay in areas above the tree line with abundant hills to graze and search for food. Above the tree line there is a large amount of snow during the winter so the Ovibos moschatus try live in places wherWinters in the northern regions e there isn’t that much of it. Overall, there are about three to four months when the land is full of nutrients and minerals (Elder 2005). The other months of the year are harsh and bitter making it hard for the Ovibos moschatus to collect food. Canada, Greenland and Alaska, is where the Ovibos moschatus has originated from and now is found in a variety of places like Russia, Norway, Sweden and even Siberia (Panagiotis 2012). When they were introduced into Russia, the Ovibos moschatus migrated to the Taymyr Peninsula and the Wrangel Island. Other kinds of organisms that live in the same habitat as the Ovibos moschatus are polar bears, caribou, arctic foxes (polar and white fox), snowy owl, rock ptarmigan, and wolves.

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