Welcome to the home of the Bos primigenius!

This website is going to explore the fascinating world of the Aurochs!

 This now extinct large herbivore is more commonly known as Aurochs and could be found all over the globe in a variety of environments.The word Aurochs is both plural and singular so don't get confused. Some common characteristics of this wonderful bovine are their massive inward facing horns and tall frame. This creature is believed to have originated in the Middle East or Europe. There are two common ancestors to the Aurochs that later evolved in to the modern day cow. These are the Bos taurus, and the Bos indicus. These species are the descendants of the modern day cow so, they have many of the same features and functions of the cows we know and love today.  Feel free to explore the rest of this website to find more information about this wonderful organism! Also if you want extra information visit this website. To find more information on many different organisms visit www.multipleorganisms.net