All of the facts on this page are found on the NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service website.
 ·         Sperm whales are named for the spermaceti oil (wax) that they produce in the spermaceti organs that are located in their head.
 ·         The brain of a sperm whale is the largest of any animal (up to 20 lbs.).
 ·         A sperm whales mouth is also rather unique; small with teeth only on their lower jaw; the upper jaw is dotted with holes where the bottom fit when the mouth is closed.
·         Adult males can reach 50 feet in length and weigh 120,000 lbs. (that is equivalent 60 tons!)
 ·         Sperm whales are one of the deepest diving whales.
They usually dive hundreds or thousands of feet for as long as 40 minutes, but can dive a mile or deeper for over two hours.
 ·         Between dives, sperm whales often spend time lying stationary at the oceans surface.
 ·         These sounds are among the loudest sounds made under water by animals, and they can travel up to six miles despite being fairly high in frequency.
 ·         Sperm whales have the largest nose in the world, which in fact is very much involved in producing underwater sounds.
 ·         Man hunted the sperm whale for spermaceti; semi liquid waxy oil located in the whales head, which was used to make candles and light streets and homes throughout the 19th century.
 ·         The sperm whale blowhole is rather unique compared to other whales because it shoots off forward at an angle rather than vertical like other whales.

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