Invasive Cheatgrass (Bromus tectorum)

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This website was created by Shannon Klein and Claire Gocker as a project for our Organismal Biology Class at University of Wisconsin- La Crosse.  Each individual was responsible for different topics covered on this website. Shannon Klein researched and wrote about the topics of Adaptation, Prevention, and Interactions. Claire Gocker was responsible for Habitat and Reproduction.  Both of us worked together on the Facts and Classification pages.

About Shannon:

My name is Shannon Klein and I am currently a junior enrolled at UW-La Crosse and enrolled in Organismal Biology, BIO 203. I am majoring in Biology and minoring in Chemistry with an even larger goal of attending graduate school in Spring 2015. There I will get my doctorate degree in Chiropractic and become a licensed chiropractor. As of December 2013, chiropractic care has been a new thing to me; I used to be a Pre- Radiation Therapy major, but I had some events happen in my life and I changed majors half way through my junior year. It was a scary step to take and now I will be here longer than intended, but I could not be happier! I am excited to see what the future of being a chiropractor has in store for me.

While being enrolled at UW-L as a full time student I have many other things to keep me busy. My favorite and most memorable thing that I am part of is the Women’s Track and Field team. It is my life and the time put into it is definitely worth it! Our team has an extremely close relationship and each of my teammate has become one of my sisters. They are all my family away from home. Some other things that I enjoy doing on campus or in the La Crosse area include: intramural sports,biking, canoeing, hiking the bluffs, going to movies, hanging with friends and many other things. I am never bored in La Crosse.

Even though I am busy up here I try making it home a few times a year to reconnect with my family, boyfriend, and pets. Being away from all of them for such long periods of time can be difficult, but with time you adjust to the distance and cherish the moments that are spent together. Don’t get me wrong, I love learning, but I cannot wait to be able to spend quality time with my loved ones.

 About Claire:

Hi, everyone. I am currently a sophomore at University of Wisconsin La- Crosse majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology with a minor in Chemistry. In the future, I would like to be a part of research in my line of work. I really enjoy going to school here because of the location and the multitude of educational opportunities. There is always something to do, yet the campus maintains a small town atomosphere.  

My hometown is Kaukauna, Wisconsin where I live with my parents and siblings. I am the fourth child in a family of five, which means there is always something going on. I've learned to enjoy the quiet times around the house. My family is very important to me. I could not be able to be where I am today without their support.

In my freetime, I like to read, watch movies, hang out with friends, be active, or explore downtown. There is rarely a time when I am board. During the summer, I work at a paper mill in my hometown. There, I load skids of paper onto a convayer. The best part is that I get to drive a fork lift daily. Working in a mill setting has been a great learning experience. 

Our website is part of an ongoing project at UWL. If you would like to view other student’s work check out

Our instructors during this project were Dr. Gregory Sandland and Dr. Meredith Thomson.
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This website is owned and hosted by the University of Wisconsin La Crosse. We would like to thank all of the staff and students at ITS for helping us create and edit our website. We would also like to thank our instructors Dr. Gregory Sandland and Dr. Meredith Thomsen for assisting and facilitating us along the way!


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This website was updated on April 22, 2014.