Male Calypte anna - used with permission from

ClassificationMale Calypte anna with capped red feathered head -

Domain: Eukarya
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Subphylum: Vertebrata
Class: Aves
Order: Apodiformes
Family: Trochilidae
Species: Calypte anna

Calypte anna belong to the domain eukarya because they exhibit traits such as a nucleus and  membrane bound organelles.  They belong to the animalia kingdom because they are multicellular, heterotrophs, and lack a rigid cell wall that plants posses (Animal Diversity Web).

Anna's hummingbird are classified under the phylum chordata because they posses most notable a notochord but also have bilateral symmetry, three distinct tissue types, a single dorsal hollow nerve cord, as well as many other traits shared by the phylum chordata (Animal Diversity Web). 

They fall under the subphylumm vertebrata because of the chain of vertebrae that lie on the dorsal portion of the animal. 

Anna's hummingbird belongs to the Aves class because of the trait of having feathers, a fast metabolism, hard-shelled eggs, as well as the ability to fly (Animal Diversity Web). 

Calypte anna
belongs to the order apodiformes, which means hummingbirds and swifts.  Apodiforms share the synapomorphy of being "unfooted" (Animal Diversity Web).  

They then belong to the family trochilidae which have common traits such as feeding on nectar (and occasionally insects), narrow elongated beaks, and hovering flight (Animal Diversity Web).

Anna's hummingbird is one of two species in the genus Calypte.  Calypte means capped which is fitting to these two organisms because both species exhibit a solid, brightly colored feather pattern covering their entire head, giving them a "capped" apperance (Animal Diversity Web).  

The closest relative to Calypte anna is the species Calypte costae.  These two species are very similar to each other except in the coloration of the head of the male.  Calypte anna males exhibit a bright iridescent red head while Calypte costae males exhibit a bright iridescent purple head. 

      Male Calypte costae with purple feather capped head -


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