Lowland Streaked Tenrec

Habitat and Geography


The lowland streaked tenrec is only found in one country in the entire world. That country is located just off the East coast of Africa and is the island called Madagascar. There are more than one species of tenrec that live on Madagascar, but lowland streaked tenrecs are only found on the East side of the island which is covered mostly by a tropical rainforest. The tenrec is classified as island endemic which means they are only found on one island or a set of islands (Kokx 2009).

 Photo by Chermundy via ICUN Red List of Endangered Species



The lowland streaked tenrec is classified into a couple different habitual categories. One of these categories is terrestrial which means they live on the ground just as a meerkat does (Koxk 2009). Tenrecs are also classified as agricultural which means they live in areas that are used for agriculture for humans (Koxk 2009). Since the lowland streaked tenrec lives in a warmer climate this has some resulting effects on their lifestyle. They can reproduce more often than that of the similar species of highland streaked tenrec and can also go in and out of their torpor state to forage for food (Stephenson 1994). A torpor state is hibernation which many animals can do including bears and snails!


Lowland Streaked Tenrec foraging on the forest floor


Some other animals that live in the same habitat as the lowland streaked tenrec include:


The Madagascar Dwarf Gecko

Photo by Daniel Austin via http://madagascar-photography.com from Arkive.com


The Helmet Vanga

Photo by Nick Garbutt via http://www.naturepl.com from Arkive.com

Malagasy Ring-Tailed Mongoose (one of the lowland streaked tenrecs predators)

Photo by Nick Garbutt via http://www.naturepl.com from Arkive.com

Madagascar Pygmy-Kingfisher

Photo by Frank Vassen via http://www.flickr.com/photos/42244964@N03/ from Arkive.org


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