Lowland Streaked Tenrec



Lowland streaked tenrecs eat mainly earthworms but they can also eat small insects (Koxk 2009). They are able to stomp on the ground with their legs which could lead to increased earthworm activity so they would be able to find them more easily (Kokx 2009). Lowland streaked tenrecs forage around the ground and if they get separated from their group they are able to send out sound vibrations using their quills which the other tenrecs can hear and subsequently lead the lost tenrec back to their group. Since the tenrecs eat earthworms they can be categorized as a carnivore just like a great white shark!

Photo by Frank Vassen via Flickr.com


The closely related species of highland streaked tenrecs carry pathogens for the bubonic plague (Koxk 2009). Knowing this there is a good chance that the lowland streaked tenrecs also have these pathogens. This has a negative impact on humans as the pathogens could be passed from tenrec to human. A lesion on a lowland streaked tenrec actually lead to a discover of a new fungi (Koxk 2009)!


Some know predators of the lowland streaked tenrec include Dumeril’s boa, Malagasy ring-tailed mongooses, Malagasy fossas, Malagasy civets, and humans (Koxk 2009). Having all these enemies, the tenrecs would need a way to protect themselves from these predators. You can learn about how they protect themselves using their quills and camouflage by checking out our form and function page!



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