Are you a Mimosa pudica expert? Find out with some trivia questions!

1. Which of the ‘Anti’ properties does M. pudica contain?
    a. Antidepressant
    b. Antiasthmatic
    c. Antivenom
    d. Antifertility
    e. Anticonvulsant

2. Mimosa pudica reacts most noticeably to:
    a. Touch
    b. Sight
3. SoundMimosa pudica is also known as:
    a. Touch Me Not
    b. Sensitive Plant
    c. Sad Plant
4. Touchy Feely Mimosa pudica prefers soils that are dry and high in nutrients
    a. True
    b. False
5. Mimosa pudica gets its nutrients by:
    a. Eating large insects
    b. Photosynthesis and nitrogen-fixing bacteria
    c. Underground Restaurant Drive Thru


1) All, 2) b, 3) a,b 4) b, 5) b