Soil and Surrounding Area

Mimosa pudica is a shrub type plant found low to the ground. It thrives best in soils that are well drained and can survive in a variety of soils even those that are low in nutrients. Often times it can be found in areas such as crop lands, wet waste grounds, heavily grazed areas, roadsides and mowed lawns. In these places the land has been disturbed and worked thoroughly. M. pudica needs disturbed soil to live well. Patches of land that have been burned multiple times are prime spots for M. Pudica to spread seeds and reproduce. Although it can survive in the shade it prefers sunlight but cannot compete with tall tropical canopy trees (Parsons, W. T., and Cuthbertson, E. G.)

Geographical Range

 Mimosa pudica can be found where there is roughly 1000 to over 2000mm of rain per year and is less than 1300 meters above sea level (Parsons, W. T. et al). Because of its ability to grow near sea level and in a very wet environment it is Mimosa Pudica Tropical Regionmainly found in tropical areas such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Belize and many more tropical places including Brazil where it was first discovered. While it is native to the tropical Americas it was introduced in Australia for garden decorations and has spread to invade the Queensland Coast (Queensland Dept. of Agriculture).
South America is home to thousands of some of the most diverse species of plants and animals. Hot peppers, the Green Bottle Fly and Coffee beans are just a few of the organisms that share a home with the Sensitive plant.