Here you can find information about a few of the pictures posted on this website and a few extras.

Used with permission by Natalie Tapson

This picture (found on the interaction page) displays a cave spider crawling up its web hanging off of a cave wall. It gives you a good view of the ventral side of the spider. 

Used with permission by Kristi Ellingsen









This photo (found on the reproduction page) is another view of the ventral side of the Tasmanian cave spider. You get a good close up of the segmentation as well as the book lungs (the yellow spots).


The Hickmania troglodytes can be found in caves like the one above, located in Tasmania.

Used with permission by Natalie Tapson







Many other species reside in the cave faunas like this cricket which the cave spiders feed on. Other cave species are the blind cave fish, the North-West Italian cave salamander, the Ozark cave fish, and many more you can find on!

Here the Tasmanian cave spider is in a corner of a Tasmanian cave! This gives a good idea of just how large this spider is!

Here is a picture of the Hickmania troglodytes that can be found on the form and function. It is suspended midair from its web. Look at those legs!

Hickmania troglodytes & egg sac in sandstone cave - Photo by Arthur Clarke

Here is the Tasmanian cave spider with its egg sac in a sandstone cave. This picture can also be found on the classification page!

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