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 Thank you for taking a look at our webpage! My name is Luke Rohloff, I am a Freshman at UW-La Crosse and am currently a Biology Education major. I am the author of the Home, Habitat, Nutrition, and Interactions pages.  In addition to my academics, I am also on the track team here at UW-L.  I run the high hurdles and absolutely love it. Track is my passion in addition to wanting to further my education at this institution.  If you want to contatct me, go ahead and send me an email at:  My partner in this project is the legendary Cody Blaser who has a spirit animal of the Paddlefish!!

Hello Jackson Chameleon enthusiasts and website visitors! My name is Cody Blaser I’m currently a student at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse but will be Transferring to the University of Wisconsin- Madison next semester. I am currently undeclared on my major with no idea on what I wish to do for the rest of my life.

This webpage was created for our organismal biology class, taught by the legendary Dr. Snively and the fungi master himself Dr. Volk. The intention of this website is to hopefully spread knowledge to those looking for it and maybe even cause some of you to peruse a career in the field of biology.

We chose the Jackson Chameleon as our organism to research out of curiosity and the organism’s absolutely incomparable uniqueness. It’s amazing how much knowledge you can gain about a single organism from simply researching it for hours upon hours upon hours upon hours

(Such a remarkable idea it is!).

I was the individual responsible for the following pages: Classification, Adaptions, Reproduction, and Facts

If you have any questions, comments, or just want to troll me you can contact me at:

I hope you enjoyed the website and leave with a enlightened outlook on the Jackson chameleon!

P.S. Luke's spirit animal is the nimble Snow Crab!

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