Fun Facts!!!

Jackson chameleons…


Hydrate by drinking the dew off leaves (McKeown 1997)!


Are the only chameleons with three horns located on their crest (Holland et al. 2010)!


Have jousting battles with their horns against other males (McKeown 1997)!


Eyes are similar to binoculars and have optical zoom (Holland et al. 2010)!


Has attached upper and bottom eyelids creating a turret with a pupil (Holland et al. 2010)!


Can see what’s in front of them and what’s behind them thanks to their uncanny ability to see and process two separate images at the same time (Holland et al. 2010)!


Tongue is usually 1½ the chameleons body length that would be like a 6-foot tale person having a tongue that’s 9-feet long (Holland et al. 2010)!


Tails are so muscular that they are able pull their entire body weight up just by using its tail (Champsus 2012)!


Don’t make noises louder then a hiss and don’t even use vocal sounds to communicate (Holland et al. 2010)!


Are able to change color thanks to specialized cells in their skin called chromatophores (Holland et al. 2010)!


Tongues are extraordinarily fast and only take 0.07 for the tongue to propel itself and come to full extension (Holland et al. 2010)!


Ultraviolet light makes them mate more intensively… Ultraviolet light is the equivalent to Jackson chameleon Viagra (McKeown 1997)!


Make for great pets and can be found at most Petsmart’s and Petco’s (Carpenter et al. 2004)!


Are bad parents! After the mother gives birth it ignores the infant chameleon and goes on with life as if nothing has changed (Kundinger 2001)!


Chameleon in Latin means, “Earth lion” (O’Meara 2001)! 


Hands resemble mittens (Eason and Ferguson 1988)!


Are terrible at hearing due to lack of hearing mechanics (Kundinger 2001)!


Babies develop completely inside the mother’s body before birth (Kundinger 2001)!


A complete color change can start and be finished in only 20 seconds (Kundinger 2001)!

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