Carcharocles megalodon is known for being one of the largest predators that has ever lived. Most of the animal’s interactions with other species were directly related with the prey they were consuming. An example of the size of prey that C. megalodon was consuming could be compared to an the Albacore Tuna or the Blue-fin Tuna. Sharks in general have the tendency to take bites of an animal and not consume the entire being, because of this many scraps were left for other smaller animals and bottom feeders to use as a food source.This process was not only predacious but benefited other carnivorous animals and bottom feeders. Megalodon would have been at the top of the aquatic food chain if it were around today. No other shark or aquatic creature has currently been found tqqhat could parallel the strength and size of this animal.

As you can see, the way that great white sharks hunt seals is very similar to the way that C. megalodon. They would dive deep down and hit the prey so hard that they both would leave the water and when they would land, the prey would be too stunned to move and the sharks would use this time to land a devastating blow.

Another method that is still used by many different types of sharks today is that if the prey is too large to stun, they would bite off the tails and then the fins. This can be seen because in some of the larger fossils that we have discovered there are teeth marks on the spine in these locations. This is not the preferred method that they would use however, because the blood would attracted other sharks in the area.





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