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First off we would like to thank everyone that allowed us to use their pictures and to our professors, Eric Snively and Tom Volk for the assignment. This website was created as a group project for our organisimal biology class at the Univerisity of Wisconsin - La Crosse.


Mai Lou Vang


Hello, my name is Mai Lou Vang. I am currently a sophmore at UWL. I am majoring in biology and taking courses for Pre-physician assistant. I personally worked on the nutrition page, interactions page, half of the classification page and half of the facts page. When I'm not at home pondering the major questions of biology I like to hike, fish, bowl with friends, and play some intense volleyball! This website was one of the most labor intensive projects I've ever worked on so I hope you all enjoyed viewing it as much as we did making it. Who ever knew flatworms were so cool?














Tram Tran

Hi there and thank you for taking out the time to get to know your authors! My name is Tram Tran and I am currently a sophomore in my undergraduate studies on the pre-dentistry track at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I worked on the home, facts, classification, adaptation and reproduction pages for our organism along with the gallery.  For me, the best part of this project was designing the layout, making sure that the pictures and texts worked well together to create something aesthetically appealing for you all to see and being proud of the final product.

But what else do I do?

I plan on graduating with a degree in biology with minors in nutrition and Spanish and after graduation want to attend dentistry school somewhere in Texas. My interest in the science field sprouted from a young age when something in me clicked and I realized there were explainations to everything that was happening around me. There are scientists discovering new things every day pertaining to things that I never could have imagined could even be explained. Even though I spend most of time studying, I do find time to do fun things too. I like to challenge myself by lifting weights and eventually want to compete in an NPC bikini competition. Aside from lifitng, I also really like to rock climb and learn new recipes, but my favorite thing to do is help others. This summer I plan on volunteering at Mayo Clinic in La Crosse because I enjoyed my time last summer volunteering at Washington County Humane Society so much. When I'm not busy, I can spend hours browsing Reddit or Tumblr and even watching Dexter and Pokemon on Netflix. If you asked me what film series is my favorite, I would not hesitate to say the Harry Potter film series, but Lord of the Rings definitely comes in a close second with Marvel super hero movies in third.


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