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We chose this organism because its bright colors are beautiful and the way it moves is mesmorizing. A video clip can be found on our home page. Another reason why we chose this organism is because we initially knew nothing about it and from there we wanted to research and find out more information.

Here are some of the various facts that we found out about the beautiful Pseudoceros bifurcus.

  • Pseudoceros bicurus has bilateral symmetry.
  • They are generally very thin creatures but their lengths can vary from microscopic to many inches long.
  • Their flat body structure increases their surface area to diffuse more easily and increase their surface to area ratio.
  • These flatworms have not one, but two eyes.
  • This might seem weird but marine flatworms take in food and get rid of waste the same way from the same opening; their digestive and excretory systems are combined.
  • The racing stripe worm has a very muscular pharynx that it uses to eat its prey (Seifarth, 2002).
  • Pseudocero bifurcus can regenerate. If its head was to be cut off a new one would grow to replace it.
  • They are hermaphrodites, which means they contain both male and female reproductive organs and doesn't necessarily need another flatworm to reproduce (Seifarth, 2002).
  • Pseudoceros bifurcus engage in what's known as penis fencing. Click here to learn more about penis fencing. It really is as gruesome as it sounds (Seifarth, 2002).

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