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 The Confined Crayfish-
Cambarus Zophonastes

There is a very isolated and withdrawn species of crayfish called the Hell Creek Cave Crayfish that is found only in a few spots in the world. You can learn all about this amazing creature here, along with hundreds of other organisms at Multiple Organisms or through UW-L’s website.

Cambarus zophonastes, commonly known as the Hell Creek Cave Crayfish is a very reclusive, and scarcely studied organism. It is a small species of crayfish that spends nearly its entire life in freshwater caves in Stone County Arkansas. There is very little information on the Hell Creek Crayfish because they have only been found in only 2 caves.


This website is part of a project through the University of Wisconsin La Crosse’s Biology Department. We hope that it can help you appreciate this magnificent organism. We’d like to give a special thanks to all the people at the Arkansas Natural Heritage and Bluecrayfish.com for much of the information on the organism and also many pictures, and videos of the crayfish and its habitat.