Habitat and Geography


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                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Aplysia Dactylomela, better known as the sea hare, finds itself in environments that are warm and tropical climates that are near the Atlantic, similar to the Sea Cucumber and some species of Dolphins. Scientists first spotted the sea hare in the Mediterranean Sea. As of today, it is now found in sandy, rocky areas with thick amounts of algae. This is found in many regions of the world. Some common places around the world that the sea hare is found is in the Red Sea, Greece, Turkey, Malta, and the Eastern shores off the Sicilian borders. It also makes its homes in the rocky bays off the Gulf of Tornonto.                                                            Source: http://www.seafriends.org.nz/indepth/sea_hares.htm
Sea Hare in a Tropical Environment

Based off of the other articles, it is logical to conclude that the sea hares have to live in environments with sufficient amounts of red algae, which makes up a bulk of its diet, giving its ink its dark purple color (Crocetta, Colamonaco 2010). It is obvious that the sea hares tend to be around during the seasons where the algae is in bulk and are in the greatest quantities. Temperate and subtropical environments where algae grows a majority of the year, if not all of it, are where a significant amount of test are taken. This gives the scientists a wide variety of timed experiments to perform (Plaut, Borut, Spira 1998). Source:http://www.cellnique.com/cellnique/skin-care-expert/cellnique-ingredient-glossary/r/red-algae-extract.html
Red Algae





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Image courtesy Scott A-P Muzlie, Wikipedia