• The name E. alderi may sometimes be interchanged with the name E. trochiformis (Montagu, 1803). E. trochiformis is another forest dwelling species that is sometimes confused with E. alderi which leads the the interchange of their names (Forsyth 2004).


  • E. alderi do not have an operculum, an operculum is what seals off the opening to the shell. The characteristic of not having an operculum belongs to Pulmonata (Land Snails of Wisconsin 2011).  


  • E. alderi are distinguished from Euconulus fulvus (Müller, 1774) by being < 2.8 mm in diameter, otherwise they are fairly similar in appearance (Land Snails of Wisconsin 2011).


  • Snails have a closed circulatory system meaning that their heart pumps blood out to the body, but the blood does not return to the heart. The reason for having an open circulatory system is because snails are slow moving animals and do not need a closed circulatory system (Land Snails of Wisconsin 2011).



  • However, in the state E. alderi is ranked SNR meaning they are regularly occurring but there are no habitat conservation measures being taken to make sure they do not become harmed (Wisconsin Natural Heritage 2011).



For more information on the status of species visit: Wisconsin DNR