The Gastrocopta procera interacts with many other species in their habitat.  Gastrocopta procera are threatened most by humans.  Prairie burns cause the most damage and can wipe out the Gastrocopta procera from their area of inhabitance (Laws).  These snails, in particular, are endangered because of prairie burns, brush cutting, added herbicides, and invasions of thick woody plants that destroy their habitats (Snodgrass, Kathleen p. 154-160).

Gastrocopta procera are herbivores feeding on different fungi and leaf litter in the prairie leaving them fairly low on the food chain.  Small mammals such as badgers, cyotes, and foxes prey on G. procera.  The snails live mutualistic relationships with grasshoppers, earthworms, dragonflys, mice, rabbits, and other organisms (Nekola, J. C. (2010)).