It's domain is Eukarya, which means "good nut" in Latin which is referring to the nucleus that resides in its cells. This is an organism that has structures enclosed with membranes as well.

The kingdom that the Brilliant Granule falls under is Animalia, meaning "animal". Animals are multi-cellular (most), have organs, are motile, and lack cell walls.

The phylum is Molluska meaning "mollusk" since a mantle exists with a cavity for breathing, and an organized nervous system is also present. The must common metallic element found within members of this phylum is calcium.

The class of Guppya sterkii is Gastropoda meaning "stomach foot" since land snails and slugs move around on their stomachs. The presence of a shell is also a feature of this class. This as the most highly diverse class. Members of this class also live in a variety of locations such as gardens, woodlands, deserts, and oceans.

Stylommatophora is the order due to the fact that members have two pairs of retractile tentacles and a long pedal gland that produces mucus that is placed at the front end of the foot. Members of this order also breath air.

The family is Euconulidae which include air-breathing land snails. The shells are coiled with a broad base. The sister family to Euconulidae is the Zonitidae glass snails.

Guppya is the genus, though there was not much information as to the characteristics of this genus.

The species in which we are referring is sterkii, though it is never written alone; Guppya sterkii.

The common name for this snail is Brilliant Granule due to it's small size.



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