Domain: Eukaryotic
Multicellular living organism

Kingdom: Animalia
        Within the Animalia kingdom division of life, the group consists of invertebrates and vertebrates.  

Phylum: Mollusca
        Some of the easiest features to classify an organism as phylum Mollusca are: mantle, muscular foot, and radula.

Class: Gastropoda
          The class Gastropoda is the largest and most diverse within the phylum Mollusca. Its members range from marine molluscs to air breathing snails and slugs.   

Order: Stylommatophora
          Snails and slugs with a set of eyes situated at the tips of tentacles.

Family: Polygyridae
Have no dart apparatus and the muscles which allow the eyes and pharynx to be retracted are united into a single band, and the jaws are ribbed

Genus: Mesodon

Air-breathing land snail

Species: zaletus
Presence of a parietal wall bearing a tooth