BIO 203


Domain: Eukarya

Nesovitrea binneyana is a eukaryote because it houses eukaryotic cells, has at least one            motile stage in its life cycle, ingests food, is multicellular, and has membrane bound nuclei.  

Kingdom: Animalia

The Blue Glass snail is an animal because it is eukaryotic, multicellular, and their cells form tissues and lack cell walls. It is heterotrophic and can ingest their food and then digest it internally (Hickman, 2009). The snail can also move using its foot.

Phylum: Mollusca

Mollusks are extremely diverse in species containing tens of thousands species. Snails contain an exoskeleton (shell), providing protection and support externally. They also have a mantle that secretes the shell and a highly developed nervous system.

Class: Gastropoda

Gastropods are more commonly known as slugs and snails. Snails belong here because they are surrounded by a shell they can withdraw their bodies into. They use this protective technique when sensing predators.

Order: Stylommatophora

Nesovitrea binneyana are primarily land snails meaning they are air-breathing, putting them under the Stylommatophora order.

Family: Zonitidae

This family is also known as the true glass snails. The common name of Nesovitrea binneyana is the Blue Glass snail. As the common name states it, this snail is part of the family Zonitidae.

Genus: Nesovitrea

This genus is made up of true glass snails living primarily on land.

Species: Nesovitrea binneyana

The snail more commonly known as the Blue Glass snail.