Classification Information

Domain:  Eukarya
-An organism is classified as an eukaryote if it has membrane bound cell with a nucleus.

Kingdom: Animalia
-The Animal kingdom is an extensive group of mulitcellular organisms whose body plan eventually becomes fixed as they develop through their lifecycle.

Phylum: Mollusca
-To be in the phylum Mollusca an organism must be an invertebrate.  Molluscs often have a mantle (used for structure and protection) and have a specialized nervous system.

Class:  Gastropoda
-This is commonly referred to the snail and slug class.  Contains organisms with many habitats, anatomy, feeding, and reproductive adaptations.

Order: Punctoidea
-Organisms in this order are air-breathing land snails and slugs.  Terrestrial gastropods fall into this category.

Famliy:  Punctidae
-Punctidaes or “dot snails” fall into this famly because of their small size and all breath air on land.

Genus:  Punctum
-Very small air breathing land snails (six species included).

Species: P. minutissium
-“Small Spot” is this snail’s common name.  It is classified as having a pale brown semi-translucent shell between 1.1-1.3 mm in diameter.  You can find it in damp leaf litter and in decaying beech logs within North America.