Snail Facts

Shell features

Shell of Strobilops labyrinthicus
  • The shell is very small and ranges from 2-3 mm in diameter
  • The shell has raised oblique ribs on the upper surface
  • Normally a chestnut brown coloration, but has been found with a white shell
  • Shell is dome shaped with 4-6 enlarging whorls as you move towards the aperture
  • The aperture is very small and has 2-3 parietal lamellae and a few basal folds
  • Peristome is expanded and thickened


Body features

  • Has eyes on the end of posterior tentacles
    • These posterior tentacles are also retractable
  • Has sensory receptors including chemoreceptors on its anterior tentaclesHead of Strobilops labyrinthicus
  • Tentacles and back are dark brown to black in color
  • Sides of its foot is gray
  • Venter is white
  • Has developed air breathing lungs
  • Has a muscular foot for mobility
  • Body has undergone torsion
  • No operculum



Information from (Archerd, 2008), (Branson, 1972), (Dall, 1905), and (Orstan, 1999).