Species: Vertigo arthuri

The characteristic which distinguishes Species Vertigo arthuri is the structure of the teeth that are contained within the aperture opening. Their teeth are small, tubercular angular lamella which are near the larger and long parietal lamella. Its lower side contains columellar lamella which are stout, convex calluses. The outer lip is heavily calloused for a short distance within the mouth. There is a short upper-palatal fold as well as a long and deeply entering lower-palatal run located inwards from the callus. A small basal fold can be located near the base of the columella lamella (Pilsbry 1948). Vertigo arthuri was originally recognized by von Martens in 1882 (Anderson, T. 2004).



      A shell from a deceased Vertigo arthuri

Image provided courtesy of Jeffrey Nekola and Matt Kuchta


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