The Vertigo perryi is also known as the Olive Vertigo and is named such due to it's olive color.

Vertigo perryi

Reason for classification:
Animalia - it is a multicellular, eukaryotic animal.
Mollusca - it has a mantle with a cavity for breathing and excretion
Gastropoda - it is a very soft creature that lives in a coiled shell
Stylommatophora - it has a long pedal gland placed beneath a membrane and two pairs of retractile tentacles
Pupillidae - it is a family of small air-breathing land snails
Vertigo - The shell is deeply rimate and ovate. The apex is acuminate and obtuse. The shell has 5-6 whorls. The last whorl is rounded. The aperture is semioval with 4 to 7 folds. The peristome is scarcely expanded and white-lipped. (Baker 1902)

Meaning behind Latin word:
Animalia - The word "animal" comes from the Latin word animalis, meaning "having breath". (Creswell 2010)
Mollusca - The words mollusc and mollusk are both derived from the French mollusque, which originated from the Latin molluscus, from mollis, soft. (Little 1964)
Gastropoda - The word gastropod comes from the Ancient Greek words γαστήρ (gastr-) "stomach", and πούς (pod-) "foot", hence stomach-foot. This name is based on the fact that snails and slugs appear to crawl on their stomachs. (Cuvier 1795)