The Olive Vertigo's "Shell is minute, dextrorse, ovate with the apex rather acute, rimate; thin, transparent, of rather dark brown color with a slight greenish tinge [dark olive buff]. Whorls 4 1/2, rather rapidly increasing, separated by a moderately deep suture, the last comparatively large, occupying over one-half of altitude, rounded; with a slight impression over the palatal fold; aperture well rounded, truncate, the margins slightly everted, the outer margin barely impressed at the auricle which is marked by a slight angle projecting over the level of the peristome; no callus in the palate; lamellae and folds three or four, small, very short, of brownish color; the parietal, columellar and inferior palatal, and sometimes there is also a superior palatal. Surface is very fine, irregular striae, somewhat shining. Alt. 1.5 to 1.6 mm, dia. 1.1 mm, aperture, alt 0.6 mm." (Tryon 1918)