Classification Of Vertigo pygmaea

The common name for this organism is the Crested Vertigo which describes the shell of the snail. The scientific name for this organism is Vertigo pygmaea the word vertigo in Latin means revolving. 

Eukarya - The domain Eukarya pertains to all organisms that have eukaryotic cells which have
                    many differences than the cells of Bacteria and Archaea. The most notable being the
                    type of RNA.

Animalia - This kingdom consists of the animals that are multicellular and do not contain cell
                    walls or conduct photosynthesis. 

Mollusca - This category includes invertebrates that have a mantles and particular excretory
                    systems and nervous systems.

Gastropoda - The class Gastropoda contains the snails and the slugs and is translated from Latin
                         into "stomach" "foot" which describes the underside of the class.

Stylommatophora - The animals in this order are distinguished by having a long pedal gland
                                    placed beneath the membrane and having two long retractable tentacles.

Pupillidae - The Family Pupillidae contains minute air breathing terrestrial snails

Vertigo - This genus was given the name because of the rounded whorl of their shell at the end.

Information on classification from (Allegany County Public Schools 2011)

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