Cochlicopa morseana (Appalachian Pillar)




A species identification is what allows us to keep studying and observing it.  factors that play a role in the identification process includes such things as the species taxonomy, classification,  where it lives, and the physical characteristics.  The Appalachian Pillar is terrestrial and all the recorded specimen have been 5-7.5 mm long (WI DNR 2011). The Physical attributes of the Cochlicopa morseana is that it is usually a tan/ brown color (to blend in with the leaf litter) and  is extremely glossy (Wayne, et al. 2009). This particular family of snails will continuously clean their shell with their radula, to ensure the glossy shell, which is thought to protect then from predation (Nordsieck 2009). 
Other defining characteristics cannot be seen on outside of the protecting shell (one of the reacons for having it).  This family and species of snail has a lung with fine capillaries, and a kidney that is triangular and long that passes directly into the ureter (Pilsbry 1939-1948).
There are many types of snails, but doing research help to understand them, and allows one to be able to identify the specific species.

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