Cochlicopa morseana (Appalachian Pillar)

snail 3Though the Cochlicopa morseana (Doherty 1887) is quite unknown, it's habitat is usually the same. The species is found in moist upland woods (Hulbricht 1985).  When the ground is moist, this snail crawls about within the leaf litter (Hulbricht 1985).  When the climate and weather become dry, for instance in winter, Appalachian Pillar is found under pockets of deep leaves. (Hulbricht 1985). The snail is rarely found above the leaves.  The snails aperture will be closed, with a white epiphragm (Hulbricht 1985). The aperture of our snail is the opening at the mollusc shell.  It is the main opening, and is where the body emerges for locomotion and feeding (Hickman 2009).  The Cochlicopa morseana has been found in several locations within the USA (Encyclopedia of life 2011).  It has even been spotted several places throughout the North/ Eastern part of Wisconsin! (Wisconsin DNR 2011). 

Now that you know where to find the Appalachian Pillar, learn it's identification.