Habitat and Range

C. Crassula is a freshwater snail and is centralized in the Midwestern Untied States in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence river drainages and the Mississippi river drainage as far west  as Iowa and as far south as Tennessee (Burch, 1982).  The best place  to look for species of Campeloma is in river drainages, reservoirs,  oxbow lakes, bogs and can also be found in other bodies of standing  water that are connected to rivers (Johnson, 2004).  Commonly  they  are also introduced or invasive into ponds and lakes (Johnson,  2004).         


Many species of the family Viviparidae do not appear to be impacted  negatively by sedimentation, or hydrologic instability as other families  do; thus, in rivers, C. Crassula and others of the family Viviparidae  would seek channel  margins where a mix of  detritus and soft  sediments accumulate  (Johnson, 2004)