Campeloma crassula received its official taxonomic name in 1819 in Samuel Rafinesque's Journal De Physique (Call, 1883).  However it was not that cut and dry, more than one other Biologist classified Campeloma under different taxonomic names, including Rafinesque himself who first declared the Genus Ambloxis, but later changed it to Campeloma (Gill, 1864)

At first no one recognized Rafinesque's work with Campeloma and another Biologist's classification was deemed proper.  A researcher in 1864 uncovered evidence that suggested Rafinesque was right with his classification and so he was given credit and the taxonomy of the Genus was then changed to Campeloma (Call, 1883). 

Campeloma can be broken down into the Greek root words camp meaning bending and loma meaning margin (Call, 1883)Crassula comes from the Latin root word crasso meaning thick (