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Our names are Tyler and Katie. We are college students currently enrolled in an Animal Biology class taught by Dr. K.E. Perez. This website was creating in a joint effort as an assignment for that class.

    My name is Tyler Burg and I am a Sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Lacrosse. I am currently a biology major with a minor in chemistry. My goal after my undergrad is to get into a Physician's Assistant program and eventually be a PA for my career. As for this website, I created the reproduction and adaption pages. If you have any questions regarding the website feel free to email me at

    My name is Katie Faster. I am a Junior at the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse. I am currently a psychology major exploring the idea of adding a second major of pre-vet. I hope to eventually attend the University of Wisconsin - Madison Veterinarian Medicine program. For this website I created the Habitat and Nutrition pages. If you have any questions regarding the website please email me at


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