According to Perez et al., Neohelix major and basically the snails of the Polygyrid family like to live in leaf litter, under rocks, and decaying logs. Overall they prefer to be in moist areas, hence the desire to live near decaying things such as leaf litter and other things that retain moisture (2008). Perez et al. (2008) and Emberton (1995) agree that Neohelix major is more active at night and when there is a lot of moisture in the air, such as after a rain storm. This is when they can be found foraging on the ground for food. During the day you are more likely to find them taking shelter under logs or other litter (Emberton 1995).

Neohelix major is a Southeastern terrestrial snail. There are ten states you can find this snail in are Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Maryland, Mississippi, New jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia (Perez et al. 2008).

geography of habitat from Encyclopedia of LifeGeneral geography of Neohelix Major habitat.


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