Patera perigrapta is located mainly in the south eastern part of the United States of America (Encyclopedia of Life 2012) in mixed hardwood forests (Dourson 2010). The climate of the south eastern states is humid and warm, which provides an optimal environment for the snail to live in.

  Map of locations that the Engraved Bladetooth snail is found, from Encyclopedia of Life

The  highlighted areas on the map show where the snail lives and the status of the environment there. Green means that the environment is stable, orange denotes that the environment is imperiled and states that are in purple have not been reviewed (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

 Patera perigrapta is usually found living at or near ground level (Craig 2004), inside hollow logs or underneath fallen trees. (Dourson 2010). As a member of the order Stylommatophora (Craig 2004), the engraved blade tooth snail is active at dusk and dawn, which is known as being crepuscular (Craig 2004).

Though it is not very territorial, overcrowding of the environment may lead to aggression and cannibalism between snails (Craig 2004). 


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