Welcome to our website about the snail, Patera panselenus or more commonly known as the West Virginia Bladetooth. You will be learning about the Classification, Habitat, Adaptation, Nutrition, and Reproduction of the Patera panselenus throughout this website.

This snail is part of the genus Patera. This picture was used with permission from The Encyclopedia of LifeOur names are Alyx Haasl and Samantha Parrish, and we attend the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. Currently we are enrolled in Animal Biology, which is giving us the opportunity to create this website for you to gain more knowledge about the amazing creature, Patera panselenus.

 We would also like to say since Patera Panselenus is not yet a well known species of snail we will be giving some of the information to you based on species of snails that are closely related by their genus and class.


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