Scientific name: Neohelix divesta (Gould 1848).
Common name: Ozark Whitelip

Domain: Eukarya

          Kingdom: Animalia

                    Phylum: Mollusca

                              Class: Gastropoda

                                       Order: Stylommatophora

                                                Family: Polygyridae

                                                      Genus: Neohelix

                                                              Species: Neohelix divesta 


Eukarya: Eukaryotic organisms are multicellular and contain a membrane-bound material such as a nucleus and mitochondria (Hickman et al. 2011).

Animalia: Animalia organisms do not possess a cell wall nor are they able to produce energy through photosynthetic processes (Myers 2001).

Mollusca: Mollusks have a soft body covered by a shell made of calcium. They are able to move using their muscular foot (Huber and Blank 2012).

Gastropoda: Gastropods may have a single shell present or no shell at all. Active gastropods have a nervous system of ganglia connected by nerve cords (Huber and Blank 2012).

Stylommatophora: Stylommatophora is characterized as air breathing land snails. These snails have two retractile tentacles holding the eyes (Wikipedia 2012).

Polygyridae: Snails in the Polygyridae family have a single muscle that retracts the eyes and pharynx (Absolute Astronomy 2012). They also no longer possess the love dart (Zipcodezoo 2012).


Front view of land snail showing upper and lower sets of tentacles

Now let's journey on to and learn what habitats you may find a Neohelix divesta.