Much like other animals, land snails perform mating rituals to attract their mates (Snail-world 2012). Snails are unable to hear therefore they use the sense of touch and cover each other in a layer of slime making it easier to mate (Snail-world 2012). Gastropods are hermaphroditic, meaning they have male and female sex organs producing sperm and egg cells (FOSSweb 2011). Despite having both sex organs, the snails must mate with another snail to fertilize their eggs. (FOSSweb 2011).  

After fertilization, the eggs are laid in gravel or soil and will remain there for approximately 30-4 days (Hotopp and Pearce 2006). When the eggs hatch, the baby snails are a free living larva called a trochophore. After some growth the trochophore will then develop into a ciliated larva called veliger. The veliger will experience torsion and develop into an adult (Encyclopedia Britannica 2012).


Thank you for following the journey through the life of a Neohelix divesta. If you wish to learn more, please search through my references.