Habitat and Geography:

 All land snails require a habitat with food supply, precipitation, shelter, and lime or calcium for shell production (Michigan State, 2002). Most land snails can be found at the base of rocks and under or inside decomposing logs (Michigan State, 2002). Terrestrial snail habitats usually contain a substantial amount of soil humus and leaf litter for the snail’s nutrition (Michigan State, 2002).  Neohelix dentifera is a land snail found in the eastern portion of the United States and Canada, ranging from Southern North Carolina, to as far north as Quebec and New Brunswick (Encyclopedia Of Life, 1878).   This snail species claims its home to upland, rocky, deciduous forests and woodlands (Nekola, 2009). Neohelix dentifera prefer environments that contain deep, acidic, sandy soils (Emberton, 2008). As with most species of snail, there are some threats to its' habitat.  Acid rain, disease, and habitat destruction all are possible threats to Neohelix dentifera’s survival (Nekola, 2009).

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