Here are a few fun facts about snails in general and the species Mesodon trossulus:



  • The flexibility of a snail allows it to crawl over a sharp knife blade without it harming itself! Their mucus they secrete also helps to protect them (Nordsieck, 2012). 

  • In terms of sensing the environment around them snails use the sensory receptors which are actually located on their skin. A snail's tentacles provide it with the ability to smell, taste and touch its nearby surroundings. This helps them to get a feel for what environment they are in (Nordeick, 2012).

  • There are 13 different snails in the genus Mesodon (Encyclopedia of Life, 2012).

  • Mesodon trossulus is considered to be a critically imperiled species both nationally and globally. This means the species has a high risk of going extinct in a specific nation and since it is primarily found in one area this also gives it a high global risk for extinction (Natureserve, 2012).